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Our Secret, Hide Information

Share Secrets With That Special Someone!

- Send him/her a secret file or message.
- Make your secret video, audio or image invisible for others.

Our Secret (formerly Steganography) lets you hide text files or files such as video, audio, image and others in file. It is designed to hide and send your sensitive files or messages.

How to hide your little secret easily? (step-by-step guide)

Editor's Review

The interface of the application is very intuitive therefore in 3 clicks you can hide your information. Just select the desired 'carrier file' (which will hide the information), select what kind of information you want to hide and push the 'hide' button. After you save the new file, you can erase the one you wanted to hide. The unhide process goes in the same way but vice versa.

It is said that steganography sometimes is used when encryption is not permitted. This means that you can even encrypt these steganographic files, meaning that the person that wants to find your secrets, after the decryption will still not find the secret.


File transmissions are vital and became a necessity nowadays. Whether you share your private messages with your close friends, or business/commercial secrets with your partners, you must protect your confidential information from hackers, your boss, or your competitors. But we live in an insecure world where unwanted persons can access your personal information (like e-mails or personal documents) and often use it against you.

OurSecret enables you to hide and encrypt files within other files (called carrier files) such as pictures or sound files. This allows you to encrypt sensitive information, while at the same time hiding it in a file that will not look suspicious, so nobody even knows that there is any encrypted information.

The carrier files are fully functional and identical to the original files (except for the size), so if the message was hidden in a picture file, the picture can still be viewed normally. The program gives you options to hide a text message, or any files that you want. You can specify a password to extract the hidden files.


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